Salient Features of the Scheme

All Primary Bread earners belonging to BPL families in the State, in the age group of 18 to 70 years are eligible to be enrolled as beneficiaries of new YSR- Bima Scheme.

Benefits under the new YSR -Bima Scheme are as follows:
i. Rs.1.00 lakh relief amount to the nominees of the beneficiaries towards Natural Death in the age group of 18-50 years under YSR Bima Scheme will be paid directly by the Government through GV/WV & VS/WS Department.

ii. Rs.5.00 lakh relief amount will be paid to the beneficiaries towards Accidental Death/Permanent Disability in the age group of 18-70 years through insurance company. Insurance coverage will be made under suitable Group Insurance Scheme by the selected Insurance Company. The total premium for the Scheme shall be paid by the Government.

Nodal & Implementation Agency
  • “Labour Department” is the “Nodal Agency” and the “GSWS Department” is the “Implementing Agency”.
  • The GSWS Department will resurvey the Primary Bread Earners of the BPL families and register the beneficiaries under YSR BIMA.
  • All Primary Bread earners belonging to BPL families in the State will be registered through a Door-Door Survey to be undertaken by the Grama / Ward Volunteers and enroll them as beneficiaries under YSR- Bima Scheme.
  • A designated Officer of the Grama Sachivalayam/Ward Sachivalayam i.e., Welfare Assistant shall be the Registering Authority.
  • The role of SERP (PR & RD Dept) as “Implementing agency” as envisaged in G.O.Ms No.5 LFB&IMS Dept. dt. 28.08.2020 is taken over by the GSWS Department as envisaged in G.O.Ms No.07 LFB&IMS Dept. dt. 27.06.2021 and implemented the duties till 30 June 2022. Also, as envisaged in G.O.Ms No.23 LFB&IMS Dept. dt. 11.06.2022, the GSWS Department is continuing as “Implementing Agency” for FY 2022-23.
Implementation of YSR Bima Scheme

All Grama/Ward Sachivalayams are hereby notified as YSR Bima Beneficiary Facilitation Centers, for facilitation of registration of Beneficiaries, their enrollment in social security schemes, processing of claims and for delivery of such other services required for implementation of the YSR Bima Scheme.

Implementing agency for this scheme shall be GSWS Department and the Director, GSWS Department using the services of Grama / Ward Volunteers shall identify the eligible beneficiaries.

Implementing Agency (GSWS) shall identify the members who are eligible to be covered under the scheme, enroll them as members and prepare database of such members and shall intimate the Government and nodal agency (the Department of Labour) regarding such enrollment along with the data.

Data shall be accepted by the Department of Labour after due validation.

For the purpose of admission into the scheme, the member shall sign a formal enrolment form and the declaration of good health. If the declaration of health made by the member and other particulars are found to be satisfactory, the implementing agency may enroll the member to the scheme and include in the data base to affect the assurance subject to other conditions.

Eligibility Criteria: The members should be aged between 18 completed years and 70 years. He / She should be from Below Poverty line. He / She should be Primary Bread earning member. The decision as to the eligibility of the member for the enrolment into the scheme is fully vested with the Nodal Agency. The Nodal Agency will however, verify the eligibility of the member as per the above criteria.

Verification of Age: The Nodal Agency has to satisfy that the member covered under the Scheme is in the respective age group as desired by the scheme. Age admission will be done based on Aadhar or any other document as specified in the notification under section 7 of the Aadhar Act.

Appointment of Nominee: Every insured member shall appoint one or more from the spouse or children or dependents to be the nominee or nominees in accordance with Section 39 of Insurance Act 1938. In the event of death of the insured member while being covered under the Scheme, the benefits of insurance cover as assured on his life will be paid to the nominee. If the insured member does not have a spouse or child/children or dependents, then he shall appoint his legal representative to be the nominee. The Data regarding nomination will be maintained by the Implementing Agency and they shall submit the details of nomination or legal heirs to Insurance Companies for settlement of claims. In case the nominee is a minor, then the insured member shall appoint an Appointee to receive the benefit of assurance.

Servicing of the Scheme: The Nodal Agency will coordinate with all concerned Implementing Agencies to adopt a strong IT based system to service the Scheme. The implementing agencies will maintain centralized data base of the insured members. The settlement of claims would be subject to implementing Agency submitting Claim form, claim-cumdischarge form and copy of the Death Certificate, age proof of member as required by the insurance company in accordance with policy terms, conditions & MoU. Details of nominee like the Aadhar number and bank account to which the claim proceeds are to be credited, and other details as required by insurance company to process the claim.