YSR Bima - Objective of the Scheme

The main Objective of the scheme is to provide relief to the bereaved families of BPL in case of death or disability of their Primary Bread Earners to mitigate the financial impact due to the sudden loss of the Primary source of income.

The death or disability due to accident of a Primary Bread Earner results in misery to his/her family with hardship and reduced earnings and excessive medical expenditure relating to the accident. Hence, there is every need to provide accidental death and disability insurance to the Primary Bread Earner of BPL families towards social security. Further, even natural death of a Primary Bread Earner of the BPL family results in undue hardship to the surviving family members who are to be provided with some relief. Thus, the State Government has introduced the YSR- Bima scheme.

Facts & Figures

“YSR BIMA ” (Social Security Scheme) for Providing Rs.1.00 lakh Natural Death relief directly from Government and Rs.5.00 lakh Accidental Death / Permanent Disability relief through Group Insurance Scheme to the Primary Bread Earners of BPL Families

  • 1.22 Crores Total Insured
  • 71.56 Lakhs Bread Earners in age group 18 to 50
  • 82.44 Lakhs Male Bread Earners
  • Rs.500.00 CroresAMOUNT TO BE SPENT
  • 50.48 Lakhs Bread Earners in age group 51 to 70
  • 39.60 lakhs Female Bread Earners