Farmers Suicide Exgratia

Salient Features of the Scheme:

To provide financial assistance of Rs. 7.00 lakhs to the family members of the deceased farmers/tenant farmers, who commit suicide due to agrarian reasons as a rehabilitation package to support the families of the farmers.

The Government have decided to take the following Preventive Measures to stop the farmers from committing suicide:
I. A point of contact at the Collector’s office of the rank of Superintendent shall be designated as in-charge for farmer suicide cases and assistance to victim families.
II. The Helpline at the Collectorate shall be operated proactively. Any farmer or a friend, relative, family member or well-wisher may bring to the notice of the Collector, any situation of extreme distress of a farmer or the livelihood of such extreme act by making use of the help line. Such information shall be flashed from the Collectorate to Division Office and Mandal office immediately and the RDO and his staff will get in touch with that family immediately and organize an appropriate counseling at District level and work out a package to insulate them from the pressures of money lenders.

Operational Guidelines:

1. The term “farmer” shall include every person who derives substantial livelihood from farming, not limited to those with title to land, but including tenant farmers and women farmers.

2. Verification Process:
For the purpose of identification and scruitinization of farmer suicide deaths the following Mandal Level and Divisional Level Committees shall be formed:

     I . The Mandal Level Committee shall comprise of the following:
            • Tahsildar : Chairman.
            • Agricultural Officer: Convener.
            • Sub-Inspector of Police: Member.

     II. The Division-level Three Member Committee comprise of the following:
            • R.D.O./Sub Collector: Chairman.
            • Asst. Director of Agriculture (concerned): Convener.
            • Deputy Superintendent of Police (concerned): Member.

The verification process shall be time-bound with the following timeline, starting from the date of the suicide.

  • Visit by Village Revenue Officer to the farmer suicide victim family on the same day of the suicide incident.
  • Mandal-level Committee shall visit the place of occurrence of farmer suicide, conduct enquiry and furnish their preliminary report to the Divisional Level Committee within 24 hours positively.
  • The Divisional level Three Member Committee shall complete the verification process and furnish final recommendations for sanction of Exgratia.
  • The Mandal-Level and Divisional Level Committees shall take all steps and shall be cautious to prevent wrong claims.

Besides the above, the report should consist of

  • Inquest report prepared by Joint Collector or Joint Director, Agrl.
  • what is the record of indebtedness
  • who is the banker, whether any application is made for any concession or deferment for repayment?
  • Who is the next of Kith and Kin, etc.

The above Committees shall adhere to the timeline for completion of the verification process and rehabilitation activities.

The above Committees having the official jurisdiction of the place of the farmer who has committed suicide, shall verify each case, and will establish the relationship between the farmer suicide and any of the factors related to farm income such as losses in farm related operations, indebtedness and economic distress, etc.

If the suicide is committed by a tenant farmer, the tenant farmer should be identified with the documentary evidence of the lease such as Revenue records, or Crop Cultivators Rights Card(CCRC) or by establishing proof of tenancy by the Revenue.

3. The financial Assistance of Rs. 7.00 Lakhs will be released directly to the family members of the deceased farmer for rehabilitation by the Commissioner & Director of Agriculture immediately after receipt of proposals from the District Collectors.